Cherry Cheesecake à la Jasna

This cashew cake is not an everyday meal, but meant for special occasions.
I made it on my last day in Croatia, just before a thunder storm, that’s why the light is so special.
Jasna Janekovic

For the base:

90g walnuts, 80g almonds, 80g brazil nuts (just one type of nut would be ok as well)

230g Medjool dates, pitted


1 pinch of sea salt

Preparing the base:

Process all ingredients in your food processor or blender.

The dough should be nice and sticky – add more dates if necessary.

Press the base into a cake pan and freeze it while preparing the filling.



600 g cashews

200 ml rice syrup (not raw, agave syrup is available in raw quality though – be aware that it is sweeter, use less of it)

1/2 tsp Vanilla-Essenz

2 lemons, juiced

1 tsp lemon zest

more filling & decoration:

300g mixed berries and cherries, plus some more for the decor

Preparing the filling:

Soak cashews over night, drain (water your flowers), and blend with sweetener of choice, vanilla, lemon juice and zest in your food processor or blender.

Blend REALLY well! There shall be no tiny crumbs left, the mix has to be super smooth. This might take a while if your blender is not very strong.

Adjust taste, it should be suuuuuper delicious!

If you like it with a bit more sour zing, add more lemon zest, if you like it sweeter, add more sweetener.

Assembly & Decoration:

Blend 1/4 of the cashew cream with 300g mixed berries and pitted cherries.

Spread whole cherries and berries on the cake base.

Pour the white cashew cream on top, then add the pink cream.

Create a marble effect by carefully drawing a chop stick through the filling.

Let it set in the freezer.

Decorate with more cherries and berries, and freeze again.

Let cake thaw for a few minutes before serving it.

Enjoy creating this cake, and just message me if you have any other questions!


Jasna is a Croatian name and means clear, pure, light.
When she is not visiting her parents on an idyllic Coratian island, JAsna lives in Cologne, Germany. She is a graphic designer and loves raw food – yeah, the cake is great!! – photography, colors and shapes.
That’s how it happened that she started creating interior design 10 years ago, pillows, posters and the cutest home decoration for her own home. All her friends loved her designs so she opened a successful online store in 2007 and has been featured in magazines from Germany, Croatia and even China.


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