11 Things you did not know about me

1. I have lived on 4 continents. First I was in Europe, then Australia, then I spent close to one year in Asia, thereafter 3 years in America. In Canada, to be exact. 2. I do not have a car. Though I got my license when I was 18 (even for motorcycles), it was just not necessary to have a car in Vienna – at least for me. I did have to buy a car when I first lived in Australia and public transport was not operating during my office hours plus I lived 95 km from my work place. Once I went overseas again, I also sold the car and was getting around on foot, bicycle or car shares. In 2018, I finally got…

What’s on Rohtopia’s bookshelf?

I LOVE books, whether they are in German or English, and I have always had plenty of recipe books – now they are just raw recipe books instead. ☼ The first book I ever read on health was ☼ In 2002, I stumbled across Shazzie from the UK, she has written a whole bunch of books on Raw Foods. I recently got my copy of Detox Your World. It’s an amazing book, so much information in it, not just recipes but – as the title says – literally a guide on how to clean up everything, the gentle way. There are tipps on what should be in your natural first aid box, how to detox your house and belongings and a lifestyle plan on how to incorporate…

What do you actually eat on a raw vegan diet?

 Since people keep asking me what I usually eat, here is a standard day. What I eat on a raw food diet on a daily basis: After waking: hot water with fresh lemon juice Mid-Morning: Green Smoothie Afternoon: Salad or crackers with dip Later: Fruit if I feel like it My Raw Food Dinner: Soup or again some salad or crackers with dip or some spiralized spaghetti or whatever comes to my mind. And a sweet treat here and there. NB. My food is not always completely, but most of the time.