11 Things you did not know about me

1. I have lived on 4 continents. First I was in Europe, then Australia, then I spent close to one year in Asia, thereafter 3 years in America. In Canada, to be exact. 2. I do not have a car. Though I got my license when I was 18 (even for motorcycles), it was just not necessary to have a car in Vienna – at least for me. I did have to buy a car when I first lived in Australia and public transport was not operating during my office hours plus I lived 95 km from my work place. Once I went overseas again, I also sold the car and was getting around on foot, bicycle or car shares. In 2018, I finally got…

What do you actually eat on a raw vegan diet?

 Since people keep asking me what I usually eat, here is a standard day. What I eat on a raw food diet on a daily basis: After waking: hot water with fresh lemon juice Mid-Morning: Green Smoothie Afternoon: Salad or crackers with dip Later: Fruit if I feel like it My Raw Food Dinner: Soup or again some salad or crackers with dip or some spiralized spaghetti or whatever comes to my mind. And a sweet treat here and there. NB. My food is not always completely, but most of the time.