Nelly Reinle-Carayon: Madame Rohköstlich & Rohvolution (Raw food Festival)

Nelly Reinle-Carayon ist vielen ja schon lange ein Begriff. Seit 10 Jahren beschäftigt sie sich mit Rohkost, 2008 kam ihr erstes Buch mit 50 Rezepten heraus, 2010 folgte das zweite, mit Rezepten aus ihrer Heimat Frankreich.
Sie betreibt ein Rohkostcafe, gibt Workshop und veranstaltet eine erfolgreiche Rohkost-Messe.
Wir freuen uns dass sie bei soviel Action auch noch Zeit hatte, sich den Rohtopia Fragen zu stellen 🙂

Laura de Nooijer, Chocolatier and founder of Lovechock

Today we are interviewing someone who most of you would probably like to have as their best friend.
Why? Because she makes raw chocolates, and she makes them so good that they have been selling successfully for several years.
Heute ist jemand zum Interview da den die meisten von euch wohl gerne als beste Freundin haben würden.
Warum? Sie macht RohSchokolade, und sie macht sie dermaßen gut dass ihre Schokolade seit einigen Jahren sogar ausgesprochen erfolgreich zum Verkauf angeboten wird.

Silke Rosenbusch: actress, future MD and Maker of RoheLust

Theater and TV actress Silke Rosenbusch from Cologne has a lot of talents and tons of energy, but she is primarily a walking encyclopedia on the subject of raw food and health so I am very pleased that I was able to win her for an interview. Her interest in raw foods drove her to read countless books about the topic; and made her start a fascinating experiment about which she blogged on RoheLust (RawLust), in an entertaining and above all very honest way from 2009 to 2012 - daily! In the past year she also completed her secondary school in evening classes - with honors - not to rest on her laurels though, but to commence medical studies! Nevertheless, she still has time for workshops where you...

Martina Dobrovicova, Green-Smoothie-Station, Vienna

 Martina is a health and nutrition coach from Vienna. Just like me, she is in love with Green Smoothies  🙂 Though her love is so strong that she even opened a green smoothie station in Vienna. You can order green smoothies for takeaway or get larger quantities delivered! She also runs the Austrian Site for GrueneSmoothies.de in cooperation with Christian Guth, author of the (German) book Grüne Smoothies: Die supergesunde Mini-Mahlzeit aus dem Mixer. They offer personal counselling, workshops and detox weeks. You will learn everything about green smoothies, seasonal ingredients, wild edibles, beauty food and more. The Green Smoothie Team also gets guest speakers to Vienna, the next one will be Christian Dittrich-Opitz, author of Befreite Ernährung (German). Hello nice that you are here, thank you…

Raw Interview: Simon Bodzioch, improving people’s lives with the Perfect Health Shop

When Simon from Gründau near Frankfurt gets something started, he does it right and with full commitment. In his online shop Perfekte Gesundheit ("Perfect Health"), you will find everything that makes a raw foodist's heart beat faster: juicers, blenders, dehydrators, water filters, nuts and dried fruits in raw food quality, nutritional supplements and more. His other website, Heilkost.de, has been active since 1998 and is dedicated to one of the pioneers and founders of the raw food diet, Professor Arnold Ehret, and probably one of the most comprehensive and informative German pages on the subject. You can find reviews on many raw food-, health- and nutrition books as well as on raw food restaurants, posts about natural health doctrine, fasting, effects of a meat diet on the...

Petrus Faller, Booja-Booja Ice Cream Magician and Fashion Designer

48 year old Peter Faller from Freiburg, Germany has been managing director of Booja-Booja since 2004. Booja-Booja is a British gourmet company whose vegan and mostly raw ice cream desserts and wonderful organic vegan chocolate truffles (of which two varieties are raw vegan!) have received 45 awards in the past 11 years. Natural products and simple, natural ways of living have always been part of the skilled tailor’s and costume designer’s life. He used natural fibers and vegetable dyes for his fashion, and mixed body oils and natural cosmetics in the 80s, when “organic certification” had not even been invented a term. In 2012, his old passion for design resurfaced, with the newly founded label The Green Gorilla Surfs In Peace. On the menu: clothes, bags,…

Melanie Maria Holzheimer, Chief Euphoria Officer at Aphrohdisia

Melanie Maria aka Aphrohdisia: She regularly does workshops, lectures, seminars and demonstrations on raw food preparation, food intolerances, green smoothies, or the causes of cravings and desires all over Germany. She is also fluent in English and can be booked all around Europe. In this interview, she talks about her raw beginnings, how she survives visits to unraw restaurants, raw food during winter, her favourite recipe, her plans and more.Melanie Maria aka Aphrohdisia: Deutschlandweit gibt sie regelmäßig Workshops, Vorträge, Seminare und Demos zur Zubereitung von Rohkost, Nahrungsmittelunverträglichkeiten, Grünen Smoothies oder den Ursachen von Heisshunger und Gelüsten. Hier erzählt sie über ihre Rohkostanfänge, wie sie Restaurantbesuche überlebt, Rohkost im Winter, ihr Lieblingsrezept, ihre Pläne und mehr.