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“a trip through your body”

Yoga Nidra is similar to progressive muscle relaxation, yet taking it a bit further (imho).
There are no prerequisites, required knowledge or skills, this meditation is for everyone.

type: single
tracks: 1
length: 35 minutes

mp3 format
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About this meditation:

The practice of the Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation, is known to reduce tensions and fear. The symptoms of nervousness, concerns and fears like e.g. Cramps muscles or headache, pain in the chest, muscles, beating of the heart, fear or a nervous stomach (and metabolism, particularly digesting) react very well to it. If deep-seated, subtle tensions separate and it is in addition possible that unprocessed memories from the subconscious ascend, dissolve and thus their restraining, destructive energy will be released.

Tipps: Wear light yet warm, loose clothing. Practise in a room that has a comfortable temperature and is semi-dark, private, quiet and closed, without breezes. Practise at the same time of the day, ideally every day. Practise on an empty stomach – avoid eating for at least 3 hours prior, and drinking for 30 minutes prior your practise.


Thank you and enjoy your meditation!

€ 3,47.-