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“Over a couple of weeks I took regular classes with Lisa at Yoga Utila. Sometimes in group sometimes one-on-one. Every class was slightly different and with a clear intention. My favorite; balance classes! Handstand, headstand and tree balancing was a challenge while practicing on the dock with the light Caribbean sunset breeze caressing you.”

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“I was in Utila in january 2013 and I had a wonderful time on the deck learning Yoga with Lisa. I am not very experienced in yoga. Lisa is a very good and generous teacher. I do recommend combining yoga and a freediving course! The perfect combination! Learn to breathe and go beyond your fears of the oceans depths and silence…”


“I had the chance to do my first ever yoga session with Lisa, the instructor of Yoga Utila. She was very friendly and enlightening, helping me learn at my own pace while pushing myself a little bit further. The place is incredible, in front of the beautiful Utila bay, even more beautiful doing yoga at sunset. After this first time, I decided to come back for every class during my stay on the island. I am sure it helped me enjoy even more diving and freediving because I was more grounded, relaxed and more focused on my breathing.”

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“This was my first time taking a yoga class. As I’m extremely inflexible I was initially a little worried however after just my first class I was completely at ease. Emma and Lisa both know their stuff when it comes to Yoga, providing me with alternative poses for those that are at this moment, unachievable.

I went to sunset yoga session on the dock of Freedive Utila almost every day I was on Utila. It was a great way to finish each day.

Thanks for introducing me to the world of yoga Emma and Lisa!”



Then we were introduced to our instructor, Lisa, who is not only an exceptional diver, she is also an inspirational coach. Her gentle and reassuring manner put us at ease from the outset, and her genuine sense of energy and enthusiasm for all things free diving was infectious. Lisa gets a real kick from diving, going into an almost hypnotic trance during her preparation and focusing on all the positive aspects of every dive, no matter what the depth.

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“( .. ) When he discovered that Lisa, our fantastic yoga instructor, also taught freediving he needed no encouragement – he was in, fins and all. First day he dived to 12m and the second to 20m…holding his breath for an astonishing two minutes. Not bad for a first timer… and on old timer! ( .. )”

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“( .. ) A great day of diving and Fi’s depth record was capped off by a yoga session with Lisa, making us feel very mind/body connected. It’s rare to meet special people like Tex and Lisa and privileged is the best word I can think of. We left them feeling better versions of ourselves with another new appreciation and perspective on life. ( .. )”

FIONA + NEIL | auf Reisen
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“Freediving… 24metres with a single breath! It was fun to dive my first scuba dive site again, this time without tank, without equipment. Thanks to Freedive Utila and my lovely instructor Lisa. This is just the beginning 😎 “

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“Tex and Lisa are exceptional instructors, they made us feel very comfortable and relaxed in the water. Highly recommended! “

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“( .. ) Lisa is an incredible teacher / mentor. The breathing and relaxation techniques she taught us really had us feeling so chilled it was almost hard to stay awake – turns out this is a pretty handy state to be in for freediving. ( .. )”


“( .. ) During my time there Tex had a lot of courses going on so I dive most of the time with Lisa. Lisa was very experienced freediver with lot of freediving knowledge. She was really nice and calm and I felt really comfortable to dive with her. I learned a lot about deep diving and freediving in generally. ( .. )”


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“( .. ) After the first day I was really keen to do the second day. That day I worked with Lisa who is also so positive, and encouraging and supportive – another awesome instructor! By the end of the course I had done things I had never even dreamed were possible! ( .. )”


“( .. ) Lisa is a wonderful teacher and goes above and beyond to make sure your comfortable and safe. After only 2 classes with Lisa I was able to hold my breath over 1 min 30 secs and I managed to get down to 40 ft.  ( .. )”


(via Tripadvisor)

“( .. ) my instructor, Lisa, was lovely. She was extremely knowledgable and patient, thus I would highly recommend her as an instructor. Learning to dive to a depth of 21m was something I was unsure I was capable off, but after succeeding it was an amazing feeling and has encouraged me to continue advancing with the sport. ( .. )”


“( .. ) The instructor offered excellent guidance, tweaking my technique (or lack thereof) and coaching me through everything. By the end of the first part of the morning, I was shooting up and down the line, and was even stopping at the bottom to smile and stare at the Halliburton shipwreck for a short while.  ( .. )”

“( .. ) Lisa taught my beginner course, and she was a patient, fun, and fabulous instructor. By the end of the fist session, I was super pumped about freediving, and was shocked that it didn’t feel difficult or scary, as I thought it might. ( .. )”

SHEENA | auf Reisen
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