RAW FOOD SELF MADE (English Edition)

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RAW FOOD SELF MADE – a journey across raw food cuisine

What to expect:

1. over 60 recipes:

• suitable for kitchen newbies and raw food beginners, as well as inspiration for well-versed raw foodies

• equipment is kept simple – almost all recipes can be made with a knife and a cutting board, or a blender

• the simple ingredients are mostly easy to get in any well-assorted supermarket or organic store

• every single recipe was tried and tested by me personally, and again and again edited, modified and improved

• Raw Food Self Made also contains exclusive recipes such as:

Very Berry Smoothie, Citrus Salad, Carrot Soup, Green Sushi, Variations of Chocolate and more

2.useful information and tutorials:

• Ingredients used in raw food cuisine

• Equipment for your raw food kitchen

• Soaking Nuts – why and how

• How to Sprout

• The best way to start your day

• What to eat when on the road

• One Day Raw Meal Plan for Summer

• One Day Raw Meal Plan for Winter

3. extra bonus points:

• The book is a pdf Version, for you to print out and store in a beautiful folder of your choice.

• Take notes on your print-outs, to calculate double or triple portions – for a party or to simply enjoy a LOT of chocolate pudding yourself .. that’s OK as well!

• Easily replace a page if it is soiled in the spur of your uncooking moment (instead of having a laptop covered in strawberry sauce … , or laminate them to stay clean all along the way.

• Use your print outs as a groceries list, and take the recipe page to the store instead of having to write it all down

• Each recipe is always on one page, so you won’t risk losing any part of it.