Cool: Gangster Vegan Andrew McFarlane – Chi Thang Text – Vegan Rohe Hip Hop Tunes

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I don’t spill ill I eat well
juicing greens daily that’s the deal
you might find me chewing on some dill
you never find me swallowing no pills
and that’s real

Wake up in the morning
Superfood Smoothie
Some .. got ma energy feeling gutsy
I used to eat meat
but you know that’s the old me

Now I stay connected to this earth like
I’m an old tree
Reishi Goji come on man you know me
Push those herbs and call me on nerves like I’m an OG (?)
Come see me
I stopped watching TV
got my education on Youtube University

Shout out to all my people who eat all organic
Shout out to all my yogis who breathe slow and don’t panic
Shout out to urban farmers and my vertical gardeners
Shout out to all my people who eat in all the seasons

Coz we know the reason
Keep on keepin’ it real
I know my health is well
I keep stacking that kale

You got some spleen pain
It’s just a cheap thang
We got them Yin and Yang
Herbs at the Yin Yang

If you think that it’s natural to get sick
chewing on a bread stick
Listen quick and get up on this health tipp

Your body is more important than the clothes you wear
Focus on your mind more than what goes in your hair
Humanity got lost in vanity
But if you eat beautiful foods then beauty comes naturally

Stop eating goods manufactured in a factory
Processed to the point of border .. vitality
You’re counting calories
while they’re got their salaries
from GMO salary
that”s given people allergies

That’s not a metaphor or an analogy
You are what you eat
don’t sleep, that’s a reality

You reap what you sow
You’re more than you know
Look around at the ground
It’s profound how the flowers grow


Western Medicine’s a few hundred years old
What did we do before when someone got the cold

Drugs were bought and sold
Lies were heard and told
You’re an intuitive being
Your eyes can cure the mole (?)

What happened to the days
when real knowledge got respect
Not two .. from ..

Reflects unperplexed

Listen to the sound and read the text

Here is the answer
Can you cure Cancer?
Yes, your health is not a mystery
it just became an industry
do some research on the Gerson Therapy
Fast and cure Disease

People need to stop for no reason

If your situation is chronic
Get a colonic
or fast for a couple of weeks
Tonic Sonic

You go from being catatonic
To running around like you’re supersonic
People are gonna be like he’s on it


Much love to ..
Open Source Organics
Cafe Gratitude Crew
The Love Mob
Willpower Life Force

I love you all


Lyrics by Andrew MacFarlane, Transcript by Rohtopia – please comment if you find some errors (there are some for sure!)

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