Partners + Discount Codes

I collaborate with a few carefully selected partners, all of whose products I use myself – otherwise I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend them.

If you use my affiliate links or codes below, I can receive a commission from your purchases – without any additional costs for you. In this way you support me and my work here, and at the same time you get something out of it. A win-win for all of us! ☺️

Rohtopia Partner Rabattcode Dancing Shiva Vienna

Dancing Shiva Vienna

A small, passionate family business run by women in the heart of my hometown Vienna with a huge selection of superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, herbs and essential oils in selected premium quality.

They particularly focus on regionality, traceability and quality control and work with independent, family-run companies from all over the world.

The code “RAWLOVE” gives you a 10% discount on their own brand:

Rohtopia Partner Rabattcode Moonbrew


The perfect alternative to coffee, but without high caffeine content, which may wake you up, but can also make you restless and nervous while having a strong potential for addiction, as you get used to the effect and need more and more.

Moonbrew consists of medicinal mushrooms (reishi, chaga, lion’s mane and cordyceps), cacao, turmeric and chai – nothing else.

An everyday drink to provide you with energy, improve your concentration and support your immune system.

The code “ROHTOPIA15” gives you a 15% discount on every order:


Natural ingredients are my favorite ingredients! That’s why I like HempMate’s CBD oil so much.

It is made from 100% high-quality hemp, so the only ingredients are hemp seed oil and cold-pressed hemp extract from the best CBD flowers.

For the entourage effect, the products contain the full spectrum, all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients that hemp has to offer.

The code “ROHTOPIA” gives you a 10% discount on your first order:


Increase the strength and flexibility of your lungs and breathing muscles to breathe more deeply while also lowering your breathing rate and heart rate.

By increasing the strength and efficiency of your respiratory muscles, you can gain endurance and energy, improve your sleep quality, and reduce stress faster.

I personally use Airofit to strengthen my breathing muscles, be able to take in more air and use my full lung capacity to optimise my freediving abilities.

Receive a 15% discount on every order (no code needed):


Ice bathing and cold water therapy have a number of benefits, which is why I eventually got over fearing the cold and into immersing myself. If that’s what you want too, then nurecover’s collapsible bathtub is arguably the easiest and most effective way to get started.

After I compared different providers, the price-performance ratio at nurecover won for me. Their tubs are inexpensive, and not produced with just three layers of insulation like other models, but with five. Like this, the water can stay cold enough for days even in summer – you should change it latest after a week for hygienic reasons.

The code “LISA41414” gives you a 10% discount on every order:


bluu is eco-friendly, sustainable and convenient as it’s delivered straight to your door.

The bluu wash strips are suitable for all colours and fabrics, machine and hand wash, 15 – 95 °C and are of course biodegradable.

Their packaging is recyclable and the compactness means that 95% less CO2 is generated during transport.

Sustainable and practical washing, without compromises – I love that.

The code “ROHTOPIA” gives you a 10% discount on every order:


Since I divide my time between Australia and Austria, and also like to travel, the Wise Business account is perfect for me.

Transfers outside the EU are extremely cheap and arrive quickly, account management is free after your initial registration (22 euros when I last checked).

Get a fee-free transfer up to €500:

Mailerlite ist besser als Mailchimp - Rohtopia


If you send newsletters and are looking for a provider that is intuitive to use and also cheap, I can wholeheartedly recommend Mailerlite. I made the switch myself a few years ago after I was no longer satisfied with mailchimp and am extremely happy I did.

The costs are lower, contacts can be imported with a few clicks, designing emails is super easy, and it comes with all sorts of extras like pop-ups, banners, and automations.

Send your newsletter to up to 1000 subscribers free of charge.