The recipes are super easy
and your only pre-requisite for any of my classes is that you

Where? CAIRNS, QLD – from the convenience of your home; all you need to provide is a kitchen.

When? Workshops are available every week. Check details for durations of classes.

How many guests? generally, workshops 4-20 people, dinners 2-10 people
Perfect for any constellation – you and your partner, or a bunch of friends – I am looking forward to meeting you!
If you happen to have a larger party or would like a workshop for less than 4 people, contact me for arrangements.


Dairy Free Delights

Are you lactose intolerant or do you simply want to skip animal dairy? This workshop will show you brilliant alternatives, all plant based. 

Raw Food 101

Whether you are new to raw foods or know it but want some new inspiration, tips and recipes, this one is for you.

5 hours of entertaining, informative, belly-filling goodness are awaiting you.


Got someone to convince that raw foods are more than carrot and celery sticks? Send ’em over my way, and join them on this day of delicacies.
This hands-on workshop is all about learning by doing – and sampling 🙂

Raw Vegan DINNER

I prepare several courses from starters to dessert for you while you relax, watch and enjoy the menu.

Recipes include:
 2 Nut milk variations
Sour Cream
Ice Cream
Cheese Cake

(all of it raw vegan of course)

Recipes include:

nut milk + milk shakes,
2 smoothies,
a salad extraordinaire,
2 mains and
the perfect pick-me-up dessert so you won’t ever need snacks from a vending machine again.

 Recipes include:

raw vegan chocolate,

bliss balls,

chocolate mousse,


and of course ice cream!

 Custom or themed menu:




or a selection of your choice

How long?

4-5 hours

How much?

80 AUD per person 

How long?

5-6 hours which will fly by!

How much?

90 AUD per person

How long? 

4-5 hours

How much? 

80 AUD per person 

How long?

One evening.

How much? 

90 AUD per person.

* contact me for price details if you have a smaller group or would like me to create a customized workshop for you.

In all workshops + dinners, you are provided with a handout of all the recipes we’ll have made.

In workshops, you will also bring home samples of your own treats to share and delight your loved ones with your newfound skills.

Questions? Or ready to take part?

Send me a quick message!