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ROHTOPIA guarantees that any personal information (such as an email address) gathered from this web site (with urls beginning https://www.rohtopia.com/) will not be given away, sold, rented or loaned to others. Your personal information is 100% safe with ROHTOPIA.

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ROHTOPIA collects data regarding visits and visitors to the web site. The IP address and domain name do not reveal any personally identifiable information about the visitor other than the IP address the site was accessed from. Rohtopia.com uses this information to gather traffic statistics, but does not collect or evaluate this information for others. This information is used only to further improve Rohtopia.com. Rohtopia.com does not use cookies to gather information about visitors.

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Rohtopia.com contains links to other websites. Rohtopia.com is not responsible for either privacy policies or contents of such sites. Please check with those sites to determine their own privacy policy.

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Some links on ROHTOPIA are affiliate links. If you click such a link and choose to make a purchase of the product it is linked to, ROHTOPIA receives a small percentage (around 5%) for recommending the product. This does not increase your products’ price at all, it is exactly the same as it would be if you clicked a regular link.

The big advantage though is that you get to support ROHTOPIA!

Whenever we see a great product, we want to know where to get it. This was the first reason for us to add links to ROHTOPIA. And by converting some links into affiliate links, we can cover a portion of the cost caused by the operation of this site (server costs, software, hardware, product testing, etc.) and are able to create even more content on holistic lifestyle and wellbeing.

Affiliate with Rohtopia

You could collect a 50% commission for each sale of my products that results from your referral. Sign up for the ROHTOPIA Affiliate Program here. New to affiliating? Read more about it here.


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