Who is Rohtopia?

Hi and welcome to ROHTOPIA!


I am Lisa – the creator of Rohtopia.


For the past 10 years, I have been eating mainly vegetarian and highly raw, with several 100% raw vegan periods and even a 35 day juice feast through which I freed myself from allergies.


All this time, I have been reading as much as possible about raw foodism and food & health in general, online and in print (the books have taken over a fair amount of space), as well as in seminars an workshops, e.g.:


Rawjuvenate Workshop, 5 weeks Seminar, Topic: Anti-Aging, Transformation through nutrition.


Living on Raw Food with Alissa Cohen, Topic: raw food for beginners

Girl on Raw Workshop, Topic: Degustation menu

Lecture by David Wolfe,

Demo by Bruce Horowitz,

Topic: All across Raw Foodism





Botanical Cuisine mit Omid Jaffari, 2-days-seminar,
Topic: How to create a menu & Desserts, restaurant quality






Joy For Life Retreat with Victoria Boutenko, one weeks Seminar,

Topic: Green Smoothies





* * *

I do not advocate any kind of eating or living style as I believe everyone should find their own ways.

* * *

Personally, I prefer to live in joy and eat arap (as raw as possible). I also love travel, yoga and freediving.


If you would like to know more, contact me here.

Oh and if you would like to see how I looked before I started this raw journey, click here.