Recipe: How to make Oat Milk

What would you say to people who drink plant based milk?

Great idea!

Ooooh, which flavour?

Mmh, delicious, may I have some?

So many possibilities 🙂

This recipe is for oat milk, one of my favourite vegan milk flavours.

It is super easy to make, the ingredients are budget-friendly and the milk tastes just sensational, nice and creamy with a hint of sweetness.

You can store oat milk refrigerated for up to 3-4 days and use it pure, in muesli or as a milk substitute for coffee, cooking and baking.


 Ingredients for oat milk:

1 cup oats *

3 cups water

1 pinch sea salt

* Oats are already very low in gluten, but you can also get them gluten free.

How to make oat milk:

You will ideally soak the oats for at least 30 minutes or over night – it is not essential but will reduce the workload for your blender.

You can use the soaking water for blending as well.

A dash of salt will elevate the flavours and acts as a natural preservative.

Blend all ingredients, and you are done!

If you want to make your oat milk even more silky smooth, strain the blend through a nut milk bag before enjoying it.

If you do not own such a bag or can’t be bothered, don’t worry – the milk will already be delicious as such, just a bit more “rustic” and thicker. If you want to thin your milk down, just add some more water or use a bit less oats to begin with.


I love oat milk without additional sweeteners but you can also blend in 3-4 dates, some coconut nectar or a few drops of stevia.


Why home made plant milk instead of regular dairy milk?

The question for me is rather, why NOT?

With plant milk, you know exactly what’s in there, especially when making plant milk yourself.

With store bought milk, you usually have no idea where the ingredients came from.

Vegan milk from the shops often also contains additional ingredients that aren’t that great for you after all, such as carrageenan, or extra sugar and thickeners – not a lot of value for money.

With regular dairy, you know even less about the ingredients. Sure, it’s milk from a cow or sheep etc, but do you know what that animal got to eat (e.g. GMO soy), whether it was healthy or sick and treated with antibiotics, or fed growth hormones to produce more, faster?

If you enjoy a variety of plant milk flavours, you will also cover way more nutrients than with regular dairy. The flavours all taste a little different, so you will for sure find your favourite one for your tea, one for smoothies, for granola, one for creamy soups and so on.

There are actually so many plant milks out there that I wrote a whole book about them, MILK VEGAN.

Find out more about the book HERE.

So, what’s your favourite plant milk? Comment below!


C = cup, 240 ml
1/2 C = half a cup, 120 ml or / TBSP
1/4 C = quarter of a cup, 60 ml or 4 TBSP
TBSP = table spoon, 15 ml or 3 tsp
tsp = tea spoon, 5 ml
“soft dates” = medjool are usually best. If necessary, soak briefly and drain. The soaking water is super sweet by the way!


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