8 Life hacks for an eco friendly lifestyle

For these tricks you do not need to be a crusty old-school hippie – give them a go! You most likely have all ingredients at home already 🙂


1. Use lemon as chemical-free deodorant. The citric acid kills odor-causing bacteria. Do not use on freshly shaved skin. It’ll burn. Better make your own in that case.

2. Make non-toxic insecticide. Mix vegetable oil, (eco) dish soap such as Dr. Bronner, and water. Shake and spray your plants.

3. Say goodbye to Drano! Unclog drains by pouring in baking soda, vinegar and hot water.

4. Disinfect cuts with raw honey. It has antiseptic and antibiotic properties, creates a breathable barrier like skin, and helps wounds heal faster.

5. Replace cheese and butter with nutritional yeast. It’s packed with B vitamins and low in calories. Delicious on broccoli or cheesy popcorn and kale chips.

6. Lighten up some sage to freshen up your room instead of using chemical sprays with “natural” scent. Plus you get to ward off bad energy 🙂

7. Use olive oil as a make-up remover. Or castor oil. Or coconut oil. That one tastes delicious too.

8. Use yoghurt as a facial cleanser and gentle exfoliant. Works very well with vegan yoghurt such as almond yoghurt or coconut yoghurt! The lactic acid exfoliates and smoothes your skin.  


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