Recipe: Protein Bars, crazy easy

Even though fresh foods are better, there are times when it is close to impossible to eat healthy – when traveling, on trains, on planes, on highway stops, and often enough, also at work.

For many of us, the solution is to have an “emergency” energy bar in our bag / drawer. 

Or 3. But fact aside that they are totally overpriced, most of these bars are just pretend-healthy and, most importantly, do not really taste great. 

What to do? Make your own! It is inexpensive, surprisingly easy, you can make a large batch of several flavours at once – and create the bar of your dreams, completely personalised so to speak!

Here is how it’s done:

Recipe for 18-20 raw vegan protein bars


2 cups (200g) raw vegan protein powder, i.e. Garden of Life or Sunwarrior – I used Vanilla flavor
1.5 cups dates, depitted (and briefly soaked if they are very hard)
5 TBSP (100 g) nut butter, i.e. peanut or almond
4 TBSP (60 ml) sweetener of your choice, coconut syrup or yacon or agave or maple or honey
4 TBSP raisins
4 TBSP buckwheat, soaked & dehydrated: whole for crunchiness, ground for a smoother texture
3-4 TBSP green powder – Spirulina, Chlorella, Moringa etc
4 TBSP chia seeds


  • ground ginger
  • orange essential oil – with all essential oils make sure to use the best and purest quality. Do not under any circumstances use perfumed oils. 
  • vanilla
  • chocolate: cacao powder, maca (optional: cacao nibs)
  • chocolate ginger: cacao powder, ground ginger
  • after eight: peppermint essential oil, cacao nibs
  • go-go-go-goji: goji berries, orange essential oil 

Stir all dry ingredients together.
Place moist ingredients (dates, nut butter, sweetener, raisins) into a food processor or high speed blender and process to a paste.
Add to dry mix and stir until well combined.

Adding flavours:
Divide dough depending on how many different flavours you want to create, process flavour into dough.

Line a tray with parchment paper or glad wrap, press dough into tray. Cut into bar shapes.
Coat with chocolate. Freeze to solidify chocolate, store dry & cool thereafter.

Store cool & dry for up to 1 month or keep frozen for up to 3 months and just take a bar with you when you leave the house.

approximate nutritional value:
(per 50g bar => 18 bars per recipe)
energy: 208 kcal
protein: 12g
carbohydrates: 24g
sugars: 15g
fat: 9g

I’m curious – what is your favourite flavour?



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