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Recipe: The best egg rolls ever! (without dairy, egg free, soy free, gluten free – yes raw vegan!)

"Vegan EggSalad Rolls - tastes crazily similar to real eggs, but makes you feel way better than a cholesterol-mayo-bomb! If you love egg salad, rolled egg or curried egg, but you cannot digest eggs or do not want to eat them, this is your recipe! Whether you want to enjoy crackers with egg spread, or you're fancying...

Why juice instead of blending?

When it comes to the question of juicing vs blending, there are two parties – some are strictly for fresh juices and call smoothies fads, others love nothing more than a creamy smoothie and think little of juicing.
For many, the only difference between smoothies and juices is that a smoothie is creamy and a juice is a thin liquid, but whether there are any advantages or disadvantages in juices or smoothies often seems to be unclear.Beim Thema Saft oder Smoothie spalten sich die Geister – die einen sind strikt für frische Säfte und bezeichnen Smoothies als Modeerscheinung, die anderen lieben nichts mehr als einen cremigen Smoothie und halten wenig von Säften.
Für viele ist der einzige Unterschied zwischen Smoothie und Saft dass ein Smoothie cremig ist und ein Saft dünnflüssig, und ob es sonst noch Vor- oder Nachteile bei Säften bzw Smoothies gibt scheint oft unklar.

Storage – which veggies and fruit go in the fridge and which don’t?

Ever wondered why your fruit and veggies do not last too long, go soggy or grow mould etc before you had a chance to enjoy them? Check out this little list, print it out and stick it onto your fridge as a neat reminder!Hast Du Dich schon mal gewundert, warum Dein Obst und Gemüse nicht zu lange hält, matschig oder schimmelig etc wird bevor Du eine Chance hattest es zu genießen?
Schau Dir mal diese Liste an, druck sie Dir aus und kleb sie Dir auf Deinen Kühlschrank als smarte Erinnerung!

Raw Interview: Simon Bodzioch, improving people’s lives with the Perfect Health Shop

 When Simon from Gründau near Frankfurt gets something started, he does it right and with full commitment. In his online shop Perfekte Gesundheit ("Perfect Health"), you will find everything that makes a raw foodist's heart beat faster: juicers, blenders, dehydrators, water filters, nuts and dried fruits in raw food quality, nutritional supplements and more. His other website,...

Winter Delight Grape Pudding

This recipe is great during colder months, as the combination of pecans, avocado and dates is very satisfying and filling. Ingredients: 1 handful red grapes, cut in halves 1 pear, diced 4-6 dates, soaked 2 TBSP soaking water 3/4 C pecans, soaked 1 small avocado Preparation: Blend the dates, water, nuts and avocado. Stir in...

Avocado-Fennel Boats

Ingredients: 1 whole fennel 1/2 avocado Alfalfa sprouts, or any other sprout that is available to you pepper mustard Instructions: you have 2 options 1. Chop the fennel and mix it with the sprouts. Using a fork, stir avocado, mustard and pepper and spread the combination over the salad. 2. Spread the avo-mustard-pepper-mix over several...

Ingredient: Avocado

An oval, green to black-skinned fruit roughly the size and shape of a pear. Avocados contain hard, green flesh around a single stone. Avocados will ripen when left at room temperature and are ready to eat when they yield slightly to gentle pressure. The flesh will then have a buttery texture with a slightly nutty flavour...