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Recipe: Snickers

If you love chocolate, peanuts and caramel, you probably love Snickers - until you check out the ingredients label. So in order to continue truly enjoying this genius crunchy, chewy, sweet concoction, make your own, let your taste buds dance and your body be happy for your smart choice! RECIPE FOR RAW VEGAN SNICKERS BARS:...

Recipe: Nutella

If you love chocolate and hazelnuts, Nutella is the perfect match. Unfortunately, its ingredients are not that perfect. Once you look a bit more closely, it's not just a lot of calories in there but also ingredients which you rather not have in your body. Regular Nutella consists mainly of palm oil, white sugar, some...

✰ Recipe: How to make healthy no-bake chocolate brownies ✰

BROWNIES that are actually good for you?
It doesn’t get much better than that .. hang on.. CHOCOLATE Brownies that are good for you? Yes, that’s indeed better… and… DELICIOUS Chocolate Brownies that are good for you? Oh yeah, now that cannot be topped.. unless it’s nobake. And, yeah! These brownies thick that box as well 🙂
BROWNIES die gut sind für Dich?
Wellness-Brownies quasi? Viel besser geht’s wohl nicht.. ausser… SCHOKO-Brownies die gesund sind? JA, das ist noch besser… und KÖSTLICHE Schoko Brownies die gut für Dich sind? Oh yeah, das lässt sich nicht toppen.. ausser ich muss nicht mal backen.. Und JAAHAA!! diese Brownies sind *ohne Backen
in 5 Minuten essbereit 🙂

20 amazing uses for coconut oil!


Have you ever wondered what else this delicious coconut oil that’s been sitting in your kitchen for ages could be good for?
Well, aside being a great addition to your diet, and an excellent replacement for butter, aside the fact that coconut oil can help with all kinds of health issues (such as eczema, hot flushes, lice, cramps & heavy blood flow during menstruation, mononucleosis, flaky skin, acid reflux, energy levels, cholesterol, chronic fatigue, mental clarity, depression, inflammation, candida, asthma, autism, alzheimer, circulation and more), this amazing stuff offers even more!Hast Du Dich schon jemals gefragt, was Du mit diesem köstlichen Kokosöl, das seit Ewigkeiten in Deiner Küche herumsitzt, noch tun könntest?
Nun, abgesehen davon dass Kokosbutter oder Kokosöl eine großartige Ergänzung in Deiner Ernährung und ein ausgezeichneter Ersatz für Butter ist, abgesehen davon, dass Kokosöl bei allen möglichen Gesundheitsproblemen helfen kann (zb Ekzeme, Hitzewallungen, Läuse, Krämpfe und starke Monatsblutungen, Mononukleose, schuppige Haut, Aufstoßen, Energie, Cholesterin, chronische Müdigkeit, geistige Klarheit, Depression, Entzündungen, Candida, Asthma, Autismus, Alzheimer, Kreislauf und mehr), bietet dieser Tausendsassa noch viel mehr!

Laura de Nooijer, Chocolatier and founder of Lovechock

Today we are interviewing someone who most of you would probably like to have as their best friend.
Why? Because she makes raw chocolates, and she makes them so good that they have been selling successfully for several years.
Heute ist jemand zum Interview da den die meisten von euch wohl gerne als beste Freundin haben würden.
Warum? Sie macht RohSchokolade, und sie macht sie dermaßen gut dass ihre Schokolade seit einigen Jahren sogar ausgesprochen erfolgreich zum Verkauf angeboten wird.

Pomegranate Pumpkin cookies

These are autumnal pumpkin cookies, sweet and spicy with cinnamon, allspice, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. Pomegranate is mixed in for a splash of color. Alternatively, you could also stir in some chocolate chips.. mmmmh! Sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free - but full of flavor, vegan and a great alternative for conscious gourmets approximately 30 cookies Ingredients: 1...

Raw Cacao

Chocolate in its original form. The cacao tree (Theobroma cacao, literally: food of the gods) and its fruit were considered sacred food in the culture of the Maya and Aztecs and in Mexico, cacao beans were used as currency until the early 20th Century.   Why is raw cacao healthy? Raw cacao is an excellent...

Truffle Bliss Balls

makes approximately 42 balls Ingredients: 2 cups almonds, raw (and ideally soaked and dehydrated), finely ground 1/2 C carob, ground 1 C coconut flakes 1 pinch salt 200ml agave sirup 4cl olive oil 1 pinch salt Coconut flakes to roll the  balls in. Instructions: Mix almonds, carob, coconut flakes and salt in a mixing bowl. Roll into...