Cacao ∞ New Moon ∞ Intentions ∞ Ceremony 🌙

Have you ever done a cacao ceremony? Today I prepared ceremonial cacao * for myself, setting intentions and the mood for my coming days and weeks.

✨If this sounds enticing to you, here’s how to do it:

∞ Play your favourite meditative music, hum and sing along.

∞ Chop around 30g cacao liquor * and stir it into 1 cup of hot water.

∞ Add all other ingredients you feel pulled towards, and dissolve everything with a spoon or whisk. I used coconut milk powder, ashwaganda and coconut blossom.

∞ Be grateful to our beautiful Mother Earth during the entire process, for the ingredients finding their way to you, for all the good in your life, and your life itself.

∞ Feel this gratitude and joy within you and send it into your cacao with every step of the preparation.

∞ Pour your cocoa into a nice cup and find a peaceful place to sit.

∞ Inhale deeply through your nose and out through your mouth 5 times to be completely relaxed.

∞ Hold the cacao in your hands, close your eyes and feel your intention.

∞ Consciously enjoy your cacao sip by sip, from the first fragrance contact, touching your lips and the taste in the mouth to the warmth in the stomach, and send your intention through the whole body.

∞ At the end, integrate everything in a meditation, silent, guided or with music and take as much time as you need 💞💫


Where to get:

Ceremonial Grade Cacao – www.dancingshiva.at.

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I’d love to see your version! Show me: tag @rohtopia on Instagram and hashtag it #rohtopia


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