EARTH HOUR – 23 Things to do in the Dark

Since 2007, WWF – the World Wildlife Fund, not the World Wrestling Federation 🙂 – has been organizing an event called Earth Hour, every year at the end of March, in order to raise awareness about the importance of climate change. People worldwide are being encouraged to switch of their non-essential lights – yes, also the TV – for one hour.

So you might wonder, what to do during this hour of complete and utter darkness! We are so not used to depending on day light anymore, so an hour without electricity so to speak can seem quite challenging. But fear not, here is a list of activities that will entertain you easily for more than one mere hour, you might want to extend your personal Earth Hour or repeat it again tomorrow!

1. Go for a walk. With your friends, with your lover, with your family, with your dog, your self. Count the houses with lights off!
2. Have a candle light dinner. Again, with friends, your lover, your family, your dog, your self – it is actually healthy to set up your dining place nicely, and also to eat without being distracted by a TV.
3. Do qi-gong, tai chi or yoga. Before the dinner, preferably.
4. Give a massage.
5. Receive a massage.
6. Get all romantic with your most beloved treehugger.
7. Have a facial. With cleansing, scrub, mask, the whole package. Oh, and a pedicure. Yes, that’s for guys, too. Girls love well-groomed guys!
8. Have a bonfire.
9. If you are somewhere warm enough, go for a moon-lit swim. Skinny dipping optional.
10. Play a boardgame, cards, poker, activity, charade, etc by candle light.
11. Think. Dream. Visualize.
12. Meditate. As in, not-think.
13. Get some early eye-shut, sleep is underrated.
14. Play hide-and-seek in the dark, it’s fun!
15. Have a picnic – indoors if necessary – with candle light, and everybody has to bring a dish that was hand made, without power or heat, but lots of love.
16. Have a blind tasting party of anything. Any foods, drinks, wine. People are so attached to their favorite brands, it is always an eye opener to do a blind tasting of several brands, and let them guess which one is which and rate which one they like best. Most often, it is not the one they would usually have.
17. Dance like no one is watching. Because, well, no one is watching, it’s too dark 🙂
18. Sing, with your friends, your family, your lover, your dog, with your self. Sing your heart out. Once you get over the “ohmygodisoundlikea5yearold” it is actually lots of fun and surprisingly cleansing and refreshing.
19. Play instruments with your songs, guitar, piano, drums, etc.
20. Write a letter to someone you have been wanting to say something to in a long time.
21. Star gaze.
22. Send your own light up into the sky, or down a river.
23. Spin some Poi!


But wait, there’s more:


Can you think of anything else?
What did you do during Earth Hour?
What would you like to do?
Comment below! 

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