Black & White Mini Cake

for a cake with 3 layers and a 8 cm diameter ( 3 inch)


1/2 C almonds, ground
1/4 C hazelnuts, ground
1/4 C coconut flakes, ground
3 TBSP carob or cacao or a mix
1 tsp Mesquite (optional)
1 pinch Vanilla
1 pinch salt
7 dates, de-stoned and soaked
1/4 C soaking water
1 tsp lemon juice, fresh

2 TBSP Irish Moss Paste
6 TBSP water
3 tsp Agave
1 tsp lemon juice, fresh
30g Macadamia (or Cashew), ground
30g Cashew, ground
2 TBSP coconut flakes, ground
1 pinch
1 TBSP Lecithin
60 ml coconut butter, liquid

1 banana, sliced


Mix nuts and coconut flakes with vanilla, salt, mesquite and cocoa.
Chop dates, blend with lemon juice and soaking water to a paste.

Stir into the nut-mix.
The mixture should be well combined, but still remain loose – not tightly pressed together.

Blend irish moss with water, agave and lemon juice to a smooth paste.
Add nuts, coconut and salt.
Then blend in lecithin and coconut butter.

* If the cream is too liquid, refrigerate it for at least one hour (or 30 minutes in the freezer) before you proceed.

* If you do not have Irish moss or lecithin, you can use 30g ground psyllium or flaxseed instead. The cream will most likely not become be very firm; then you will have to store the cake in the freezer. Otherwise, the fridge will be sufficient too.

Putting it together:

Use cake rings without base and place the ring on a piece of baking paper instead.
Coat the ring with coconut oil, but you can also use parchment paper or plastic wrap.

Divide the cake dough into 3 parts.

Spread all parts out flat, about the shape and size of the cake tin.
Use the tin to cut out the exact shapes. (If some dough is left over, I’m sure you will have an idea on what to do with it.. :-))

Put 2 parts aside, and place 1 part in the tin. Cover it with slices of banana.

Spread around 1/4 of cream on top.
If necessary, refrigerate until the cream is firm enough to put the next layer on top.

Then place the 2nd dough part on it, cover it with banana slices and cream.This time, definitely refrigerate the cake until the cream is pretty firm – if necessary you can even freeze it for 30 minutes or so.

When the cream is firm enough (test it with your finger), carefully remove the cake tin.

Place the final cake layer on top, cover it with banana slices if there are any left, and spread cream on top.
Now cover the the entire cake with cream.
Decorate it with slices of banana and/or chocolate.

Refrigerate it until devouring or place it in the freezer and remove it 15 minutes before serving.


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