My Winter Weekend Routine

Days off are for … 🎉👯‍♂️🍸🤪🛋️ … ?

Back in the days when I used to do shift work, I would often work weekends as well and my days off would be all over the place. I did however notice how a wholesome routine on those days would leave me so much more recharged and the tone for my upcoming work days.

Here’s a glimpse of what I did this weekend. Nothing fancy but sometimes just allowing yourself to be and doing more or less nothing is everything.

  • Making time to sit and breathe for a bit
  • Stretch and then go for a walk in nature
  • Nourishing my body with home made goodies

All this helps me incredibly to clear my head and feel balanced on all levels.
What about you guys, how did you spend your last day off, and did it make you feel good?

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