The Benefits of Bitter Foods + a Delicious Salad Recipe

Salad lovers – what’s your trick to a delicious combination?

For me, different textures and flavours are key. Give me a bit of softness, some crunch, a dash of juicy and a spoonful of creamy with a mix of spicy and sweet, sour and even a little bitterness – which is actually good for you too, did you know?

Benefits of bitter foods:

⟁ Bitter foods stimulate the digestive tract and help with food absorption
⟁ There is evidence that they work like probiotics in your gut and help fight bad microbes such as candida, fungus, bacteria and parasites.
⟁ Bitter food will also help regulate blood sugar levels and hunger, therefore reducing sugar cravings.


Some bitter foods I love:

Kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts, radishes, rocket lettuce, dandelion greens, sprouts (lentil, mustard, radish, cress,..), citrus peel (make sure it’s organic + still wash it properly!), cranberries, pomegranate seeds, green tea and cacao.

This salad has a bit of everything, plus some raw vegan mozzarella made from cashews, lemon + psyllium husk.

Psyllium husk is a great source of fiber, however always drink enough fluids with it as it will absorb the liquids in your stomach. This can lead to dehydration and thus, constipation – no thanks!

Sprinkle a mix of seeds on top and serve with a simple vinaigrette on the side as the avocado and the orange are already a great dressing.

Have an awesome day guys and tag me in your salad recipes, I love to get new inspiration!

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