Green tea is SO good for you – 16 benefits of green tea

Green tea is SO good for you - 16 benefits of green tea - Rohtopia

Green tea has so many benefits that the ones listed below certainly do not cover everything.
But just to get an idea of how powerful these little leaves are, have a quick read:

Some of the benefits of green tea:

Green Tea fights cancer – but steer clear from sugar in your green tea, cancer cells love sugar. Have some Raspberries instead .. mmh raspberries…
Green Tea lowers cholesterol – being on a plant based diet helps a lot too!
Green Tea prevents cavities – also rinse your mouth after meals, especially after having sweets, be it with sugar, dried or fresh fruit and FLOSS! 70% of all cavities derive from bacteria in between your teeth. So floss daily. And dance. And smile 🙂

Green Tea protects against heart disease – best after some exercise, which is one of the best ways to keep your heart going strong
Green Tea speeds up metabolism – so do chia and flax seeds: lots of fiber to get the digestion going and Omega 3 fatty acids
Green Tea prevents diabetes – and green smoothies help too! The fiber in leafy greens (and also in raw fats) slows down the breakdown of sugars. Diabetes can even be reversed and healed – watch Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days or read There Is a Cure for Diabetes to learn more.
Green Tea acts as an antiviral agent – (and my research showed that white tea is even better) or have ginger or gingko biloba
Green Tea maintains a healthy circulatory system – so are iron-rich foods. Try dark leafy greens, brussel sprouts, pumpkin seeds, lentils, chickpeas and green vegetables.

Green Tea strengthens tooth enamel – but acidic foods (citrus fruits, e.g. orange juice, but much more: sugar, coca cola, fanta, and also diet coke!) soften it – so rinse after eating but do not brush immediately and up to 30 minutes after as the bristles of your tooth brush would affect the temporarily softer enamel. Rinse your mouth instead. Calcium, also helps strengthen teeth, especially paired with Vitamin D which helps the absorption of calcium. Where to get Vitamin D? Sunshine lets your body produce it on its own so get yourself outdoors daily, even on cloudy days.

Green Tea reduces plaque and bacteria in your mouth – and eating fibrous foods acts a bit like brushing too. Have you noticed your teeth always feel smooth and clean after eating fresh veggies or fruit and somehow coated and sticky after eating cooked foods, candy or bread?
Green Tea prevents dementia – so does doing crosswords! My grandfather used to love doing the hardest crosswords he could find, and he was more switched on than man others – of all age categories!
Green Tea is full of antioxidants – just like Goji berries, and all berries actually
Green Tea prevents food poisoning – and please wash or peel your food before eating it, and always eat fresh!
Green Tea gives healthy skin – so does getting enough sleep, washing your face, and eating probiotics to support a healthy digestion which reflects in a clearer complexion and eating 2-3 brazil nuts – they contain selenium which supports elasticity of the skin.
Green Tea prevents bad breath – drinking lots of water does too, and scraping your tongue before or after brushing your teeth helps as well.
Green Tea detoxifies – so does eating organic – less chemicals, less pesticides, less nasties equals .. higher quality of foods for your health!


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