My Top 4 Tips to Implement Healthy Eating and Raw Food into Everyday Life

Die besten Tipps zum Gesund Essen und Umsetzen von Rohkost im Alltag mit Familie - Rohtopia
What's your biggest challenge when it comes to holistic wellbeing and feeling good on all levels? Is it eating healthy, is it moving your body regularly, are your own thoughts holding you back, your environment, your family? The most common reply to this question is: Implementing healthy eating into everyday life - especially when people live with family members who are not interested in eating raw, vegan or vegetarian foods - or anything that looks just the slightest bit of "healthy". Personally, I've been lucky enough to almost always have supportive and even more, curious people around me. However, I also lived with someone for a while who was almost hostile towards my raw vegan creations, at a time when I was very excited about raw...

How to: Clean your blender in under a minute

If you are using your blender all the time, like me - for smoothies, ice cream, soup, spreads, nut milks, bliss balls, etc - this trick will save you tons of time. The trick with making blender cleaning easy is to at least rinse the container straight after using it. Like that, whatever you were blending will not get dry and sticky. So just give it a rinse if you are in a rush and do the rest later: Add 1 drop of dishwashing liquid and 1 cup of water to the container. Blend on high for half a minute. Rinse with fresh water. The container should be nice and shiny - if there is still some residue left, clean it with a dishwashing sponge...

Cozy through the cold season: How to stay warm in winter

So, it’s been a while since the temperatures started dropping and while it may have been fun at first, the cold now starts to creep into all our cells, making us feel chilly in a way we would be dreaming of during hot summer days. With February upon us, traditionally being the coldest of all months, here is how you will stay warm and cozy even in the midst of the deepest, darkest winter days, plus my selection of warming winter recipes – raw vegan yet still fuel for your inner fire.   Cozy through the cold season: How to stay warm in winter   1. Get moving Staying active during the colder months might not sound too appealing to you – but it really helps…

How to make Irish Moss Gel

Irish Moss is awesome!  Not only will it make your sauces, smoothies, dressings and puddings creamy and reduce the fat content of your cakes, it is also nutrient rich and has healing powers for your skin and your whole body. Irish moss (Chondrus crispus) is known to soothe and aid gastrointestinal issues and inflammation such as ulcers or gastritis. It also increases your metabolism, helps with respiratory infections, is rich in calcium, folate, iodine, iron, magnesium and potassium. Irish moss is also richer in sulphur-containing amino acids than any other seaweed. Such amino acids, e.g. taurine are often lacking in vegetarian diets. It supports healing of joints, inhibits arteriosclerosis and is great for your connective tissue - hair, nails, skin - use it as a mask if you suffer from eczema, sun burns, rashes or...

Why sprouting is good for you and how to sprout seeds at home

So you have seen sprouts in your local supermarket, you have eaten them in your deli sandwich - but have you ever sprouted seeds yourself?  Most likely, you actually have! You might have soaked almonds, flax or chia seeds before - which is exactly the first step of sprouting! There are many more seeds that can be sprouted though and it is very easy and inexpensive to do. Give it a go!  WHY SPROUT? Sprouting is an inexpensive way to add freshness and nutrients to your foods even in the deepest of winter. Did you know that sprouts apparently contain the highest amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes of any food per unit of calorie? It is not that surprising if you think about it....

How to: Make your own coconut milk and coconut cream

Many raw recipes call for coconut milk or coconut cream but often enough, you either do not have young coconuts available and/or you do not want to use canned coconut milk - and end up not making a possibly extremely delicious dish! The solution? Just make your own coconut milk or cream. Without young coconuts. Easy as and takes not even 5 minutes. Ingredients for 700 ml coconut milk All you need is water and desiccated coconut flakes, unsweetened and not roasted (unless you do not mind them not being raw): 1 cup coconut flakes 2 - 3 cups of water   Add more water or coconut, depending on how thick you want you coconut milk to be.   Preparation Pour water into your blender,...

Is it true that green smoothies are unhealthy and even poisonous?

Whether you have never tried green smoothies or whether you have been enjoying green smoothies for a while already, you may have stumbled across this statement as well: Green smoothies are dangerous! Green smoothies are unhealthy - green smoothies are poisonous! Now the big question is of course - is that true? Luckily, no. It is not true. Green smoothies are actually great for you and can transform your health. But how did anyone come up with the idea that green smoothies could be bad for you? Oxalic Acid! Leafy greens contain oxalic acid, especially spinach, beetroot and chard. Since oxalic acid has been linked to kidney stones, it would be easy to say that therefore green smoothies provoke kidney stones. But oxalic acid can also...

Why juice instead of blending?

When it comes to the question of juicing vs blending, there are two parties – some are strictly for fresh juices and call smoothies fads, others love nothing more than a creamy smoothie and think little of juicing.
For many, the only difference between smoothies and juices is that a smoothie is creamy and a juice is a thin liquid, but whether there are any advantages or disadvantages in juices or smoothies often seems to be unclear.Beim Thema Saft oder Smoothie spalten sich die Geister – die einen sind strikt für frische Säfte und bezeichnen Smoothies als Modeerscheinung, die anderen lieben nichts mehr als einen cremigen Smoothie und halten wenig von Säften.
Für viele ist der einzige Unterschied zwischen Smoothie und Saft dass ein Smoothie cremig ist und ein Saft dünnflüssig, und ob es sonst noch Vor- oder Nachteile bei Säften bzw Smoothies gibt scheint oft unklar.

How to make Juice without a juicer & My favorite Green Juice Recipe

Have you been holding off drinking delicious juices because you don’t have a juicer? The wait is over, here’s how I make the most lovely green juice easily, without a juicer!Hast Du bisher keine leckeren Säfte getrunken weil Du keinen Entsafter hattest?
Du brauchst nicht länger verzichten, denn es ist supereinfach die schönsten Säfte ohne Saftpresse oder Entsafter zu machen!

Storage – which veggies and fruit go in the fridge and which don’t?

Ever wondered why your fruit and veggies do not last too long, go soggy or grow mould etc before you had a chance to enjoy them? Check out this little list, print it out and stick it onto your fridge as a neat reminder!Hast Du Dich schon mal gewundert, warum Dein Obst und Gemüse nicht zu lange hält, matschig oder schimmelig etc wird bevor Du eine Chance hattest es zu genießen?
Schau Dir mal diese Liste an, druck sie Dir aus und kleb sie Dir auf Deinen Kühlschrank als smarte Erinnerung!

Valya Boutenko: How to fix the most disgusting smoothie into the best smoothie ever

This might be the worst Smoothie ever: 2 leaves of curly kale 1 C of water 1/2 apple This smoothie will have fiber at the bottom, green water in the middle and froth on top. Nothing you honestly would crave every day - or any day, actually! Can you fix this disaster? Yes! Greens, apples and pineapple contain insoluble fiber. To make a smoothie look and taste great, you need to add soluble fibre - Mangos, plums, peaches, dates, prunes, pears, bananas. They are creamy fruits and will make your smoothie absolutely delicious. The beginner green smoothie: For children and people who have never tried green smoothies. It needs to be sweet and mild, and taste fantastic! Mild greens: lettuce, spinach, sunflower sprouts, sorrel Strong flavoured greens: kale, dandelions, rocket...

Which blender is better: Breville, Tribest, Kitchenaid or Vitamix?

Often enough the question arises, which blender should I get, there are so many brands! Does it have to be that expensive or will a cheap one do? What is actually important when purchasing a kitchen blender? And where can I buy a good blender in Germany, where can I get a Vitamix in Austria, where can I buy a Vitamix internationally?
Oft genug kommt die Frage, da gibt es so viele Marken, welcher Mixer ist denn nun der beste? Muss der Mixer denn so ein teurer sein oder kann ich auch einen billigen Mixer verwenden? Worauf kommt es beim Mixerkauf überhaupt an? Und manche wollen auch wissen, wo gibt es den Vitamix in Deutschland, oder wo gibt es den Vitamix in Österreich zu kaufen?

Which blender should I buy?

What is important when buying a kitchen blender? Looks? Power performance? Does size matter? Was ist wichtig beim Mixerkauf? Aussehen? Leistung? Kommt’s auf die Größe an? Hier findest Du die wichtigsten Punkte die Du beachten sollten bevor Du viel Geld in einen Mixer investierst, egal neu oder gebraucht, egal ob Vitamix, Kitchenaid, Gastroback, Blendtec, Philips, Bosch, Tribest oder wie sie alle heißen mögen.

7 Tips on How to make the perfect smoothie every single time

If you have tried and tested a smoothie already, it won't be long until you'll want to make your own. You can either follow a recipe or get creative yourself. Worried you might mess up? Fear not - the following tips will help you create a sensationally delicious smoothie, every single time.   To make the perfect smoothie, add your ingredients in the following order to your blender:  1. Liquid ingredients first: In order to blend everything up well, you need some kind of liquid. Depending on how juicy the other ingredients are and on how much you actually want to make, you should place 1 or 2 cups of liquid in your blender. If you use a lot of frozen ingredients, it is important to know...

How long can you store an open jar of tahini?

"An opened glass of Tahini, stored in the fridge ... how long will it take until it expires?" Tahini is a thick paste made of ground, often roasted sesame seeds. It originates in the Middle East. You will find Tahini in most supermarkets - check the aisles for specialties and ethnic foods or visit an oriental store, where you will usually discover it in the condiment section. With expiration dates, it is usually best to stick to the manufacturer's recommendation. Most organic tahini brands are made without preservatives or stabilizers. In general, they should keep in the refrigerator for about 6 months and there are also brands which may be kept for up to 1 year. Some brands claim their tahini will last for up to 2...

It’s Easy Being Green – What is a Green Smoothie?

Green smoothies are what I have for breakfast - daily. But what is a green smoothie and how do I mix my green smoothies?   The green smoothie story Green smoothies were "invented" by Victoria Boutenko. She and her family had already been eating a raw food diet for several years and had benefited greatly (i.e. her son was able to avoid insulin injections), but at some point, they reached a health plateau. Their health did not decline but they felt that it could be even better. So Victoria began to read, investigate and study wild life. She discovered that apes consume a lot of leafy greens and tried to copy them by eating tons of salad every day - to an extent that she could...