How to: Clean your blender in under a minute

If you are using your blender all the time, like me – for smoothies, ice cream, soup, spreads, nut milks, bliss balls, etc – this trick will save you tons of time.

The trick with making blender cleaning easy is to at least rinse the container straight after using it. Like that, whatever you were blending will not get dry and sticky.

So just give it a rinse if you are in a rush and do the rest later:

  • Add 1 drop of dishwashing liquid and 1 cup of water to the container.
  • Blend on high for half a minute.
  • Rinse with fresh water.

The container should be nice and shiny – if there is still some residue left, clean it with a dishwashing sponge or brush and you’re good to go!


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