Which blender should I buy?

What is important when buying a kitchen blender? Looks? Power performance? Does size matter?

  • The first thing to consider is what do you want to use your blender for.

Just smoothies? Or also green smoothies? With some blenders, you can even cook soup or make dough. So this is not just about power, but also about the shape of the blade and possible extra attachments. It is generally recommended that a mixer should have at least 500 watts. Personally, I’ve found 1000 watts much better, especially if
– you want to blend herbs and leafy greens really smooth
– you want to blend hard things like nuts
– the blender should not run hot too quickly.
My favorite: Vitamix. Ticks all the boxes.

  • Furthermore, how much space do you have in your kitchen?

If you have no free space on your kitchen work surface, can put the blender elsewhere, ready to be used? Because once the blender has disappeared somewhere up high on a shelf or is buried deeply in your kitchen compartments, I can guarantee one thing: You will not use your blender often.
If you travel a lot, you might also want to bring your blender with you. You might be on a lot of business trips and are keen to blend up a nice smoothie instead of raiding the mini-bar (more tips on Being on the Road in a healthy way can be found here). In this case, a compact blender will be a better choice for you than a monster blender. It will not be as powerful, but it will do the trick while you are out and about.
My favorite: Tribest.

  • Also important: is the blender easy to clean?

The same goes for juicers and all devices: If you have to take the thing apart every time, and maybe even need to wash it manually because the dishwasher would deform the container or the lids, you will not use your blender very often.

  • Thirdly, does the blender come with a warranty?

How long is the warranty valid for? Nothing is more annoying than a broken blender and a hungry owner who was just about to prepare him- or herself some nutrient dense delicacy. This is important not only for new equipment. Especially with used equipment, it’s really good to have a warranty because you never know how the previous owner really treated the unit.

  • Finally – Appearance:

Beauty is not THAT important to me personally but it is a factor, in this regard:
if there are 2 blenders that are of equal quality, and the only difference is that one looks prettier or cooler than the other, I of course will choose that one. And if the more appealing one is a bit more expensive, I’ll pay for that too (if I can and want to afford it) and I will enjoy looking at it  every day rather than being reminded that I opted for the second choice.

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