What’s in your beauty products?

These days, many of us are super conscious  about the food we put into our bodies – but how often do we pay attention to what we put ON our bodies, on our skin, the largest of all our organs? Do YOU know what exactly your daily body care products are made from? 

Ads only show us how super happy we will be if we slather this cream onto our skin or hair. The ingredients used to create the product are rarely mentioned though. 

If you do end up reading through the small print, you will often discover things that are actually not good for you at all, some even absolute health hazards. 

In this video, I am sharing 2 of those bad guys, parabens and phtalates and am explaining why it is smartest to avoid them.

I also summed up the most important and common ones in a handy pocket guide, you can download it below the video for free. 


Conventional beauty products contain all kinds of chemicals – grab my pocket guide with the most important ingredients, for FREE:


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