Ingredients: Algae and Seaweeds

Ingredients: Algae and Seaweeds

Various blue-green algae and seaweeds which usually grow in rather cold regions of the Atlantic and Pacific.

Biologically speaking, blue-green algae belong to the group of prokaryotae – animals, fungi, plants and protozoa.

Alkaline and rich in minerals: iron, potassium, iodine and manganese, but also rich in salt.

Moreover, these days, everything that comes out of the sea is likely to be contaminated by mercury and other heavy metals to some extent.

Most seaweeds from an organic business will be sundried, however some companies do not state how the product was processed and most Nori Sheets (for sushi rolls) are roasted – check the label or ask the producer.

Many varieties are also available as powder or tablets.

Varieties: chlorella, dulse, Irish moss, kelp, nori, wakame spirulina, …

Dried algae can be stored for months.

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