Ingredient: Pineapple

Ingredient Pineapple - Rohtopia

Pineapple (Ananas Comosus) varieties come in different sizes, but they have all a tough, inedible skin which changes color from green to golden brown when ripening.

The fruit itself grows out of the flower of the plant! Pineapple also does not grow on trees but instead close to the ground.

The benefits of pineapple:

Pineapple reduces blood clotting and may help to remove plaque from artery walls.
Pineapple is rich in potassium and vitamin C and also very rich in enzymes.
Enzymes are helpful in digestion and detoxification, can also have a pineapple skin-firming effect.

Bromelain: This enzyme bromelain or bromelain is used in modern medicine due to its anti-inflammatory effect after surgery, it reduces swelling and promotes digestion.

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