Listen to your heart – here is why

What do you listen to more – your heart or your thoughts? are you a super rational person, or do you let yourself be guided by your intuition?

Your heart beats 108.000 times a day – one hundred and eight thousand! With an average of 70 beats per minute, times 60 times 24 it really adds up to this incredible number, daily. For the longest time, Western medicine believed the heart to be nothing more but a muscle which pumps blood through your body, providing it with oxygen.

Then studies and research discovered, that statements like “having a broken heart” or “my heart is overflowing with joy” have more to it than initially thought.

40.000 afferent neurones are located in your heart – the so-called sensory neurones

There are afferent and efferent neurones. Efferent neurones are motor neurones which send signals from your brain to your organs. Afferent neurones send from the organs to your brain, and your heart sends a lot more messages to your brain than vice versa. These messages can affect how we feel, our emotional perception and experiences.

What is even more interesting is that your heart thereby learns to .. well, almost think for itself, like a brain. The heart learns to remember things and make decisions based on that.

Your heart also generates a magnetic field that is up to 5.000 times stronger than the one of your brain. And the best part is that this field can not only be measured within your body, but up to 1.5 m away from you, and it has been proven that this magnetic field can influence other people (‘s magnetic fields).

The true control centre of your body is therefore not your brain – but your heart! 

Studies have also shown that the vibrations of two people’s magnetic fields get in tune with each other when those two people are in deep conversation – an energetic exchange! These vibrations are being sent through and affect your whole body. Your brain synchronizes with them, your blood pressure and rhythm of breath react as well. If you are in a good mood, these vibrations have a very harmonious affect, your blood pressure will be low, your breath slow and relaxed. When you are angry and irritated, your blood pressure rises, your breath becomes faster and more shallow, and the vibrations are less harmonious.

Body internal drugs – straight from your heart

Your heart can also produce hormones! Noradrenaline, the happiness hormone dopamine and the so-called love molecule oxytocin. Oxytocin is being released when you hug someone, or cuddle. It creates a feeling of connection between partners, but can also be found in regular social environments and motherly love.

Your heart is so powerful! It can influence you, it can influence your environment – so maybe Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince was right when he said: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.


All this will hopefully be inspiration for you, to feel within before making a decisions, to listen what your heart has to say to the story – instead of deciding only rationally – the results might be interesting!

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