Juice Feasting: My personal experience!

This is what I used to look like, every other week, for several years:

I was on cortisone steroid medication to suppress these skin rashes for which conventional doctors had no explanation.


Then I discovered juice feasting (read more about what that is in my previous post) and lived on fresh juice for 35 days.

Here is what happened:



Juice Feasting is the most enjoyable and beneficial diet I’ve ever done. On it, I eliminated the chronic skin rashes and allergies that plagued me on and off for years, and ever since I have not had a single breakout of skin rash.

I’m not always 100% raw and perfectly healthy, but the juice feast cleaned out all the pharmaceuticals and chemicals which had been prescribed to me, it got my body back into balance and it also cleared my mind.

I’ve personally found Juice Feasting to be nothing less than life changing.
You might have watched some of my videos and know how I look like now, but if you don’t, click here.

I am in my mid 30s. People tell me I look like 25. I ran a marathon the year after the juice feast and recovered within a day; while other runners were not even able to walk afterwards I only had a bit of sore muscles but that was it!  One year later I ran a half marathon with only 2 weeks training and almost zero running before. I crossed the finish line after 2 hours, and did not get sore at all.

All this tells me quite clearly that the Juice Feasting diet is providing me with plenty of protein. That’s no surprise, since the raw spinach and other greens I was juicing are very high in protein in their raw, uncooked state. (I also added spirulina and other green superfoods to my juice, so I got additional nutrients of high density.)

I’ve truly never seen anything with this great of an immediate impact on my health. I’ve taken lots of nutritional supplements, and I still do a bit sometimes, but I have never experienced such noticeable health benefits with anything else. Juice Feasting is a step up from any existing healthy diet. It allows to take your personal health to the next level, making your life way more enjoyable because of it.

My nails used to break a lot; after the juice feast, they got strong and so did my hair, it seems to be more and it also grew much faster, and still does.  My skin, especially on the shins, used to be very dry – not anymore.
I released around 4 or 5 kilos and gained back around 2 afterwards. Reason for not losing more is that I had not been  overweight and that I had already eaten fairly well (vegetarian and little processed foods as everything else would give me skin rash again) beforehand.



If someone who is overweight, consumes processed foods including meat, dairy and alcohol, this person will certainly release more weight. However, the main point on a juice feast (and also on a juice fast) is not and should not be to lose weight. The main point is to heal your body, from anything. To fully reboot the system, to cleanse, to re-set and then rebuild – on a physical, mental and emotional level. The weight loss will happen on the side but it should not be the main reason and goal.

If someone is underweight, they would usually not turn to a fast or feast, fearing they would lose more weight.
However, if you want to embark on the journey of juice feasting while being underweight, you definitely want to consume juices higher in calories – not necessarily fruit juices though, as their sweetness can put your blood sugars off balance – but just drink greater quantities and add supplements like spirulina and other algae and greens, bee pollen hemp oil or coconut oil, raw almonds, raw sesame seeds, acai or goji berries, noni fruit juice or any other superfood you want. You can also add some weight training (as opposed to cardiovascular exercise) to build muscle.
If you have been doing this for a few weeks and are still losing weight instead of maintaining or even gaining some, transition into a moderate juice feast, adding some solids or just finish the project.

Do you want to know more? Contact me here or keep reading here.



I got productive in many of the projects I had, I got curious about other things and learnt, studied and practised those,  and most importantly, once the fog of medication lifted off my brain, my mind really cleared up, and I knew what I wanted and what I did not want in my life, and I acted accordingly.
At some point, and it will seem like it is all of a sudden, things will be very clear to you, and while cleaning out your body, your system, you will find yourself cleaning out and cleaning up many other aspects of your life, be it your wardrobe or what and who you surround yourself with.






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