Juicefeasting: How to do a juice feast cleanse

If you’re stuck with one or more health issues, like I used to be ..


…. and you do not know how to solve them, like me .. 


..then this idea may be just the nutritional answer for you 🙂


(previously: what is a juice feast my personal experience )


Plant-based medicine is the key to improve and often heal many diseases: diabetes (leafy green vegetables), obesity, cancer (broccoli, berries) osteoporosis, heart disease, kidney and liver issues, depression, urinary tract infections (cranberries), skin problems, bad breath and body odor, Alzheimer’s, eye health (goji berries, chili, mango), longevity and too many others to name them all.

Start drinking massive amounts of plant based medicines, do it daily, and your diseases will start to disappear. Within weeks, symptoms of many diseases withdraw.

Within a few months, some are completely gone.  People reduce and then get off insulin, antidepressants and more by simply starting to consume exclusively natural, plant-based medicines.

And juice feasting is the best way I know to do it. Read the labels of conventional supplements, or cosmetics – all of them have natural ingredients! So if chemicals would really be better than nature, why put any natural ingredients into the product?

The answer can only be that the natural ingredients are essential, and therefore best proof that they do work effectively.


It is called a juice FEAST, because that’s what you do. You feast on juice, you have 4 liters of more of freshly made juice and your body feasts on all the nutrients while getting enough calories.

The main goals here are: cleansing and alkalizing, rehydrating and rebuilding. On a fast, you take in very small amounts of fluids and also calories which will let your metabolism slow down, your energy vanish, and your whole system to kind of hibernate.

Not good if you want to be full of energy while ridding yourself of old waste, is it? Sure, you will lose weight while fasting, but it will not last and you will still be full of.. yup. Those 4 liters of fresh juice will fill up up with thousands of nutrients, micronutrients and phytonutrients.

4 liters are around 2 to 2.5 kilos of fresh produce, every single day. “Health organizations” recommend to eat 3 servings of vegetables (and those could be microwaved, cooked, pasteurized ones).

On a juice feast, you get 8. Eight. Or more. Eight servings of raw, fresh vegetables, plus at least four servings of fresh, raw fruits and berries.


How long you choose to juice feast is entirely up to you; it will always be cleansing in the first few weeks and it will always be a transformation on many levels. You, dear reader, are probably at least 20 years of age. And during those 20+ years, your body has taken in a lot.

Toxics from foods, medication, environment. Therefore you cannot expect your body to be “clean” within only a couple of days. Juice feasting can therefore be the perfect solution, there is no hunger involved, the nutrition is at its optimum, your energy levels will be up so you can keep doing whatever you are doing right now.

All your cells except for the cerebral cortex neuron regenerate, some within hours or days, some within months, with 98% of the body being completely renewed within a year:

Eye cells regenerate every 2 days, the lining of your stomach every 5 days, skin cells every 3-4 weeks, liver cells every 6 weeks, Fat cells every 10 years ( around 10% each year).

And keep in mind, the body consists of up to 70% water, and that gets replaced constantly too.


These numbers are part of the idea behind the number 92 (days of juice feasting). Another reason is that apparently the body requires 92 elements (that are known at this stage) to function properly.

And lastly, a 92 day or 3 month time frame gives the body a very good rest from digestion so it can focus on recovery, healing, fully alkalizing, rehydrating  and rebuilding itself. For every day on the juice feast, we go back in time by around 120 days – if you juice feast for 1 month, you will rejuvenate your body by 10 years.

And if you give your body up to 92 day – that is just 3 months – with optimum nutrition and treatment, you will feel pretty much like you have a whole new body!

Some people juice feast for 1 week, some for one month, I did 35 days, others do the whole 92 and some have even gone to 150 days – the great thing is, it is your choice on how long you go for and you do not need to put any pressure on yourself as it is not a failure if you do “only” 91 days or whatever else 🙂



Make sure you juice: 1 whole head of celery every day (super alkalizing, most hydrating, rich in minerals and organic sodium) 1 kg of leafy greens (also alkalizing and re-mineralizing, and high in nutrients).

The rest is pretty much up to you though ideally you will drink 75% vegetable juice and 25% fruit juice. You can also add nutrient dense supplements such as bee pollen, goji berries, barley grass or wheat grass powder, hemp oil or coconut oil and digestive enzymes. So what are the recipes?

There are enough ideas to keep you busy for weeks online, but some juices I made and drank on my juice feast were:

  • Celery – Apple – Beet – Parsley – Kale – Ginger – Lime
  • Pineapple – Garlic juice, made from juicing a whole pineapple and a small garlic clove with the Vitamix  and a nut milk bag. Yes it sounds weird but try and you will be vey pleasantly surprised.
  • Cucumber – Garlic – Apple
  • Celery – Cucumber – Capsicum
  • Fennel – Beetroot – Apple
  • Celery – Apple – Lemon – Pineapple – Ginger
  • Celery – Kale – Parsley – Arugula – Spinach – Cucumber – Apple – Water
  • Spinach – Parsley – Celery – Cucumber
  • Pumpkin – Apple – Carrot – Ginger .. so good, tastes like dessert!


Supplements used during a juice feast are not there to make up for nutritional deficiencies in the juice. Instead, the idea is to assist detoxification and re-mineralization. The supplements suggested are nothing like over-the-counter pills, but potent stuff for a change.

You may want to pick out a few, or take all of them or none – the essential part are not the supplements but the juices. If you have any kind of tumor growth, include a very small amount of turmeric, ginger and a tiny piece of garlic (1 cm each maybe).


You don’t have to go raw first in order to benefit from juice feasting. You can do a juice feast straight from a junk food and animal products diet, but you’ll probably suffer a much more severe detox if you do. To get a glimpse of it, try having nothing but fresh juice for one day, and see how you feel the next morning.

To prepare, you do not have to be raw, vegan or even vegetarian. The more different your food intake was before the juice feast, the stronger your bodily reactions will be though. So you could start by making all kinds of smoothies and juices, fruit, green and vegetable ones to get your body (and mind) used to what is to happen.

Try having just a fresh smoothie in the morning, instead of your usual breakfast (yes, also if that would be coffee) and see how you feel. Next day, have a big fresh juice instead of that smoothie. Personally, I jumped straight into it, getting my ingredients ready the day before and that was my preparation 🙂

You might start with fairly sweet juices, with a base of apples, beets or carrots. Over time, you will though build your tolerance and start going for less sweetness but more greens instead.

If you can, use as much organic produce as possible, especially when using thin-skinned fruit or vegetables and especially leafy greens. The most nutrients are usually found in the leaves and/or skin of a food so you do not want to waste that by peeling everything just because you did not buy organic produce.

Empty your fridge of anything you are not going to use during your juice feast, and fill it with natural goodness: (ideally seasonal and local) fruit and vegetables, a whole bunch of greens, lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, dandelion and herbs like parsley, basil, coriander, dill, etc.

Buy bulk if it something you use a lot and/or if it is something that keeps for several days.


It will take you around 1- 1.5 hours to make all the juice. But that is ok because you gain the time back by not having to eat and instead drinking your juice whenever, wherever you want.

You can prepare your juices the night before, fill them up in jars, refrigerate them over night and then bring them along wherever you go – done!

  • You do not need a juicer, you can use a blender and a nut milk bag or cheese cloth to strain the juices.
  • You can keep the pulp to add to crackers if you do dehydrated foods
  • You can stir a bit of pulp into a juice to make it more smoothie-like, adding fiber to your meal.
  • You will have much less rubbish in your bin! The only parts that are not used in juicing are the stones in stone fruit and unpalatable peels like oranges. – but you can juice whole apples and pears and almost any other fruit and vegetable as long as it organic produce (otherwise, the skin and, if the skin is very thin, the whole fruit / vegetable is affected by the chemicals and pesticides used in conventional farming – imagine the skin of a fruit like your own skin: you rub cream onto your skin to hydrate it, or medicinal gels to reduce inflammation UNDER the skin .. your skin soaks up everything you put on it, and it cannot distinguish between good and bad. Plants are the same .. just a thought).
  • The knowledge that you are doing something good for your body and your whole self makes you feel good already, and boosts your confidence, every day a bit more.
  • Once you have finished up your juice feast, you will have a craving for fresh, raw foods. I stayed completely raw for months after my juice feast and still added juices to my daily menu. These days, I am more onto smoothies, especially green smoothies. However, if I felt any weakness, discomfort or other dis-ease creeping up, I am straight back onto those juices.


The costs for the juice feast are variable, depending on where you live and what you buy of course. I did mine in Australia and spent around 10 to 15 dollars (7-10 Euro / 6-9 GBP) per day, which is also what David Rainoshek estimates.

Compare this to what you usually spend on food – take my brother for example. He rarely cooks and mostly eats on the go, standard things like a sandwich from a bakery, or a pizza slice etc with some bottled beverage – that’s already around 4 or 5 dollars – and that was just lunch, or for some only a snack in between!

So the point is to realize that a juice feast, and a healthy diet in general will not necessarily be more expensive than what you spend on foods right now. In addition, by feeding your body nutrient rich things, you won´t feel the need to buy vitamin pills so you save there, you will not need or at least massively cut back on medication, you won´t spend any more money on so-called intelligent foods, fortified with extra nutrients (by the way, did you know that those are often processed and infused with synthetic nutrients? Nothing natural there. Take breakfast cereal, it often is fortified with iron containing actual iron fillings, which are definitely not ideal for your body.

There is specific information and support given for every single day of your juice feast, there are also recordings and videos on all kinds of topics, The Laws of Cure, Healing Ourselves, Self-Empowerment, Skin Brushing, Sunlight, Greens Chlorphyll and Health, Stomach Upsets during the Feast, How to Break the Feast (really important, you cannot just start munching away on whatever you find in your pantry after days or weeks of juice only – you will definitely not feel good if you do that!).

So in my opinion, registration is well worth it, also because you have access to literally EVERYTHING during your chosen period of membership, so even if you sign up for 30 days only, you have access to the information created for day 92 (at least when I did my juice feast, please let me know if it is not the case anymore). It keeps you motivated and you will feel very connected with others.


Well .. yes, there is something. Juice feasting send your body into a great detoxification mode. This detoxification and elimination happens in several ways:

  • through the skin, the largest organ of all
  • through the liver and the kidneys
  • through the breath
  • and, most importantly, through the colon.

The colon is your main organ or “tool” for elimination. As if this tool does not work properly, elimination does not work properly. This leads to a backlog of toxins that the body cannot get rid of fast enough and which will then be re-absorbed and in your body way too long, making you feel dull, sick, anything but good.

If you are currently following a standard diet, your colon is most likely clogged to a certain extent. You might think, it cannot be that bad, I feel quite alright – but I tell you one thing, once you have experienced the cleansing effect of a juice feast, “quite alright” will not be the same any more. Imagine you start rock climbing.

First day, you climb up 2m and you think “Wow, that is so high!” But just a week later, you will climb to 10m, or even further and 2m will not seem high to you anymore at all. Same for feeling “quite alright”. What you might think at this very moment to be good, will change if you change what you do. Anyways.

So, the colon needs to perform properly in order for your whole body, for YOU to perform properly. As the juice feast is like a big spring clean for your body, you want to help your body rinse out anything that is not supposed to be there.

How do you do that? By cleansing the colon. Along with the whole juice feast, you get a cleansing protocol which consists of enemas – daily for the first 14 days and thereafter twice a week or as often as needed for the remainder of the juice feast.

The good thing about it is that you can do it in your very home, it takes no more than 10-15 minutes and can be done in the morning as part of your bathroom routine. You could of course also sign up for some hydrotherapy sessions with a professional once a week or so, which is way more thoroughly and takes between one hour to 90 minutes (personal experience. Oh yes. If you have skin rash as itchy and painful and frequent as I did, you will follow the protocol.

You will actually do many things. Like eat steroid-cortisol tablets as if they were candy … ). The interesting thing about this elimination process is (at least for me), how much the body will still get rid of even though you are not eating anything solid! You would imagine that after a few days, there would not be much toilet action, well, think again…

If you have tried fasts before this is what usually happens on fasts, elimination gets less and less and you feel sluggish, weak and tired – well, guess where all this sluggishness etc comes from! On a juice feast, your body will still find plenty to get rid of.

Some people have reported they had solid (!) bowel movement for the whole 92 days. So you can literally see what you had stored inside. Won´t be very pretty but I hope this motivates you enough to give juice feasting and all the parts of it a go.


The beauty of this whole thing is that you can do as much or as little as you like. You can still have hamburgers or steaks and fries with some double chocolate whipped ice cream to finish it up or beers to wash it down, with cigarettes and coffee later on, but if you just have one large juice (as in one liter) every morning, you will already reap the benefits of this one small, simple thing.

You will lower your risk of cancer and at least give your body a little bit of support for when it has to handle all the other things you load upon it. If you want to do a bit more, drink juice for breakfast, lunch and as an afternoon snack or whenever you feel hungry, and have one cooked meal per day.

To take it further, have one cooked vegetarian meal per day. To take it further, one cooked vegan meal per day. Or one raw vegan meal per day. Or mix juices and smoothies. Or commit completely and have juice and water and some juice and then more juice. Your body will thank you by continuing to function and work for you in the best way you can imagine and better. So it is up to you.

Have one glass of juice per day, have 10. It is your choice. 








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