Melanie Maria Holzheimer, Chief Euphoria Officer at Aphrohdisia

If you were lucky enough to live in Berlin, you hopefully stopped by Melanie Maria aka Aphrohdisia. With her, you were in good hands for many things. She was not only a qualified Naturopath, experienced in Ayurveda massage and Reiki, but also a pro with raw food. Melanie Maria was a certified “Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor” and also did an extra training course in “Science of raw food nutrition I“.

She regularly did workshops, lectures, seminars and demonstrations on raw food preparation, food intolerances, green smoothies, or the causes of cravings and desires all over Germany, appeared on radio and TV and offered exclusive dinners and catering with b.alive! Boris Lauser.
I was therefore was very grateful and surprised that Melanie not only agreed to be interviewed, but also had time for it within a few days! Thank you so much Melanie ♡

Melanie’s favourite recipe: Warm Chocolate Milk .. mmmmh!



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