Recipe: raw vegan Mayonnaise

This raw vegan mayonnaise is so incredibly creamy and so authentic in taste, you will never believe it is plant-based and soy free!

It only takes a few ingredients, even less minutes and goes tremendously well with wraps, burgers, salads or sandwiches!



Ingredients for just under 1 cup:

1/2 cup cashews, soaked (or: almonds, soaked and peeled)
1/4 lemon, juiced (2 TBSP)
2 TBSP water
1 TBSP apple cider vinegar
1 tsp agave, honey or maple syrup
1/2 cup sunflower seed oil, canola oil or cold pressed olive oil
1/4 tsp sea salt
optional: 1 clove of garlic

Ingredients need to be at room temperature to keep your oil of choice smooth.
Blend cashews, lemon juice, water, apple cider vinegar and sweetener until smooth.
While blending, slowly add oil until emulsified and thick.
Finally blend in salt, taste and adjust seasoning as needed.
Store refrigerated for up to 3 weeks. 


C = cup, 240 ml
1/2 C = half a cup, 120 ml or / TBSP
1/4 C = quarter of a cup, 60 ml or 4 TBSP
TBSP = table spoon, 15 ml or 3 tsp
tsp = tea spoon, 5 ml
“soft dates” = medjool are usually best. If necessary, soak briefly and drain. The soaking water is super sweet by the way!