In guided meditation, you follow verbal instructions in order to relax your whole body, clear your mind or to focus your awareness onto specific visualisations. Take a break from your busy day — give yourself the gift of serenity. Immerse in an oasis of quiet relaxation, balance and loving peace. Choose your meditation according to your individual interest, passion, intention or need. Sat Nam (all you need is already within you)

Float Tank: total relaxation for body + mind

I love being in water, especially if it is warm and clear and I can float in it. And I love being relaxed - well, who doesn't, right? (Actually, some people are addicted to drama, but that's a different story). So when I discovered flotation tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks, I was super intrigued and booked myself in straight away. What is a flotation tank? Flotation tanks are containers filled with warm, very salty water. So salty actually, that the water is dense enough for you to  ... you guessed it, float! To filter out any noise, the containers close - they are super easy to open again, and the inside is also equipped with some light source that you can control from the...