Yoga: Time Your Savasana

How to find Savasana Time

If you practise yoga with video sequences, you may have noticed that Savasana is often skipped or kept very short, and all the relaxation you had created disappears before you can say Namaste.

And even if I did stay flat on the mat, I would soon get fidgety and start to worry how much time had passed, and whether I was already late for the next commitments of my day.

Recently I figured out how to stay in Savasana longer, with more calmness than ever:


Counting the breath

The key is to first time how long one breath cycle takes, the total of one inhale and one exhale.

Once you know how many breaths you take in one minute, you simply count your breaths until the time you have available for Savasana is up.


3 breaths per minute = 6 in 2 minutes, 9 in 3 minutes, 12 in 4 minutes, etc
4 breaths per minute = 8 in 2 minutes, 12 in 3 minutes, 16 in 4 minutes, etc
5 breaths per minute = 10 in 2 minutes, 15 in 3 minutes, 20 in 4 minutes, etc.

Use your fingers when counting to help yourself relax more and not forget which number you were at (trust me, happens all the time if you are in all blissed out post yoga state of mind).

To make it even easier, count not just with your fingers, but also use the creases on your fingers – like that, you can count up to 20 on one hand.

No more worries 🙂

Happy Savasaning to you!

Time your Savasana Yoga


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