Stressed? Try This Breathing Technique: Bhramari Breath

It was supposed to be a short trip to Austria at the beginning of 2020, but my flight got canceled & I’ve been here since.

For the first few months I thought it’d be over soon, and I’d be back in Australia by September at the latest. Well 😂

I’ve come to terms with it in the meantime, it is what it is, and am working on new content again. Anyone who’s been here for a bit knows I sometimes need a lil longer 😅

This breathing technique is a simple + quick way to calm down both body + mind, for times when I lose my serenity and calm.

Bhramari (Sanskrit: भ्रमरी bees) 🐝 Breathing

The name comes from the fact that you hum as you exhale. You also cover your ears + eyes with your fingers – pratyahara, the 5th limb of yoga, a withdrawal of the senses, turning the focus to your own voice, and inwards. Here’s how to practise it:

Sit in a comfortable spot, with your back straight.

Cover your ears with your thumbs.

Cover your eyes with your index fingers.

Rest the other fingers gently next to your nose and mouth.

Inhale deeply through your nose, then exhale while making a humming sound.

Repeat three times before resting your palms in your lap and taking moment or too before opening your eyes again.

Give it a go, I hope it’ll help you too 💞

How do you deal with uncertainty? Plans that just fall through?

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