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Recipe: Raw Vegan Tzatziki

Raw vegan tsatsiki recipe
When I was a kid, our family spent several summer holidays in Greece, indulging in the beautiful scent of herbs and trees, blue seas with amazing beaches, the white stone buildings with blue doors everywhere, and of course, food! Tzatziki is one of my favourite Greek dishes, refreshing, full of flavour and easy to make. This...

The joys of probiotics – homemade fermentation – Sauerkraut recipe

There is lots of bacteria in everyoneʼs body, especially in the digestive system.
Good bacteria aids digestion, controls potentially harmful bacteria, reduces inflammation and improves the protective lining of the gut. In jedermanns Körper gibt es vielerlei Bakterien, vor allem im Verdauungssystem.
Gute Bakterien unterstützen die Verdauung, kontrollieren potenziell schädliche Bakterien, reduzieren Entzündungen und verbessern die schützende Auskleidung des Darms.